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Invest in Cash Crusaders Today

Credit and Loan Options

Why wait when you can buy on credit? Or do you need a cash loan fast?

Credit Options

At Cash Crusaders you can choose between two credit options:

RCS Cards

You can also use your RCS card at all Cash Crusaders stores. Your RCS card gives you the convenience of buying on credit at over 7 500 different stores nation-wide.

Cash Loans

Need cash fast and can't wait until month-end? Why not enter into a "buy back" deal with us? At Cash Crusaders we offer you cash loans against your goods. How it works: you bring your item into one of our buy shops and we will offer you a loan against its value.

At the end of an agreed time-frame you have the option of buying it back from us - plus interest. If you choose not to come back and redeem your item at the agreed time, you allow Cash Crusaders to sell it to repay the loan.