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Artesia Digital Performer

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Artesia Digital Performer

  • R379990
  • Make: Artesia

    Model: PERFORMR

  • Specifications:

    • 88-key mobile digital keyboard
    • 12 custom keyboard sounds
    • Naturally balanced, weighted keys
    • 100 auto-accompaniment tones

Artesia's mobile digital 88-key piano can enhance your performance or playstyle while giving you a wider musical range to play. Programmed with a variety of musical options to best suit your needs, the piano is ideal for established and junior musicians, and music producers. Designed with a modern focus, the ARTESIA digital piano has been created to combine the impactful sound of traditional pianos with the accessibility of modern features. This allows you to play many styles of music. Featuring 88 naturally balanced, weighted keys, the piano offers great tactile feedback when you play, immersing you in anything you play. Featuring 12 custom keyboard sounds and expressive effects controls the digital piano allows you to create magnificently layered music. This provides an enhanced musical experience for those players wanting to compose their own tracks. The digital keyboard has built-in stereo sound which allows you to hear each note and key in superb quality. The digital piano also has a USB plug which makes it compatible with your smartphone, laptop, and tablet. Whether it be a performance, practicing, or recording in a studio its portable design allows you to move the keyboard wherever suits you best.

Artesia Digital Performer
  • 88-key mobile digital keyboard
  • 12 custom keyboard sounds
  • Naturally balanced, weighted keys
  • 100 auto-accompaniment tones
  • Stereo Surround Sound
Artesia Digital Performer

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Artesia Digital Performer
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