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Model: CZ1832

Specifications: -Resolution: 1366x768 -DLED -HDMI input -USB input -Built-in speakers

  • R 1899.90 Available Nationally
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DIXON’s 32” DLED TV delivers stunning image quality in an elegant frame for those looking to enjoy a thrilling cinematic experience. Dixon utilises a delicate design to give you a pleasurable and immersive view in crisp, clear high definition at a resolution of 1366x768. Sized for a flat or large room, the TV is compact so as to not be intrusive of your surrounding space. Yet it's still big enough to offer superb viewing quality. Whether you’re watching something by yourself or with a partner or a group of friends, this TV offers a pleasurable viewing experience. Thanks to its modern Direct LED (DLED) technology, the TV offers deeper, richer contrast to offer a greater immersive experience. This happens by dimming the backlight behind parts of the screen that display black. With HDMI and USB ports at the ready you can connect your gaming console or media player with to view your collection of movies, series and sport. Relaxing after a long day at work or even waking up late on a Saturday morning can feel rewarding in-front of a captivating TV such as this one. Not only will you feel a lot more engaged as the viewer, but it'll enhance your overall experience.

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