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PCBOX Laptop Backpack

PCBOX Laptop Backpack

PCBOX Laptop Backpack - 1557222404
PCBOX Laptop Backpack - 1557222404
PCBOX Laptop Backpack - 1557222405


Model: EC909

Specifications: - Laptop backpack - 4x compartments - Dedicated laptop and cable inserts, pen and cell-phone compartments - Padded back and shoulder straps - Textured finish

R 299.90*

This product is available nationwide

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Ensure the safety of your goods wherever you travel with this PCBOX laptop backpack. The backpack is lightweight, secure, and designed to provide comfort and versatility. It is the ideal way to transport your work, documents, and your laptop. Featuring an intelligent build, the backpack is practical and comfortable to carry around. The bag utilises four compartments. One main compartment, with a dedicated laptop and cabling compartment. The other three allow you to have dedicated sections for your books, notes, laptop and its accessories. The various compartments utilise secured zips. This provides a convenient method for protecting your items. PCBOX have created an attractive backpack with a modern finish utilising an airflow design. This allows for adequate air circulation resulting in a comfortable carry.