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DIXON Multimedia Entertainment Centre

Model: P20

Specifications: -8” woofer, 2x 3” Tweeters -Power: 30W, 2x 15W -Inputs: DVD. Bluetooth, FM, USB, AUX -Output terminals: HDMI, RCA AV, 2x Mic -AV format: DVD, MP3, WMA -Impedance: 4Ohm -Material: Wood and ABS speaker -Accessories: Remote control, AV Cable, FM Cable, AUX Cable, setup manual

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DIXON’s multimedia entertainment centre is a large, full-bodied unit consisting of a wide variety of output and input ports as well as an 8” woofer and two 3” tweeters for a powerhouse of an audio entertainment hub. Catering to a large group, this entertainment centre will keep you and your guests entertained for hours. Its wooden aesthetic with black meshed grill fits right at home in your living room or bedroom. Styled with modernity in mind, the entertainment centre features an attractive minimalistic design. DIXONS entertainment centre delivers bass and treble with powerful and sophisticated consistency. The speakers handle the peaking of loud music well, producing a substantial kick in bass which supports its treble with a smooth, blended listening experience. This gives it a great dynamic range. Bass remains firm and punchy, with a solid sound. While treble is handled with care and is delivered without distortion. Utilising a cd-drive, the entertainment centre along with its HDMI out port allows you to connect to your TV easily. Ideal for weekends or Friday movie nights, simply load your DVD box set and sit back and relax as you feel the power of the solid entertainment centre. Built according to DIXON’s great quality, the structural build of the entertainment centre that helps enhance its impeccable sound. Its cubic design helps to reverberate around the room. Designed with ease of use, the DIXON entertainment centre is versatile in its delivery. Connect your phone via Bluetooth for seamless streaming or play music from your USB, SD card or audio jack, or enjoy your favourite radio stations. For the nights you’re feeling like celebrating, utilise the built-in LED light show to add that extra flare to your parties. Two mic inputs also allow the entertainment centre to be the ideal choice for karaoke nights with your friends or family.

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