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DIXON Freestanding Gas Electric Cooker

Model: DC76GES

Specifications: Stove: -2x Auxiliary burners -2x Medium burners -1x Large burner -1x Triple burner -Grate, push button ignition, gas control knobs Oven: -Temp regulator -Function knob -Large interior space -Solid hinged door -Clear glass window -Top heater: 1.8KW -Bottom heater: 1.6KW -Combined heating: 3.4KW -Max temp: 250-degrees Celsius

  • R 6299.90 Available Nationally
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DIXON’s energy efficiently powerful stove is ideal for medium to large sized kitchens, allowing you to create warm, home-cooked meals. Designed with a clear glass door, you’re able to watch your food, ensuring it’s made to perfection. This also allows you to save on energy and time as you’ll be peaking less. Easily combine a top grill, or a combination of the top and bottom to ensure a thoroughly cooked roast or bake. The clear guide levels will help you tune your oven’s power to the exact temperature your food needs to be prepared at. The hinged door opens with minimal effort while its highly durable, heat resistant design keeps more heat trapped in the chAMBER. Its large space is capable of storing up to five thin baking trays, ensuring that you can bake or roast more in less time, or keep your food warm while you run errands. DIXON’s freestanding gas and electric cooker combines the capability of its oven with the convenience of a gas stove. The top unit consists of two auxiliary burners, a large burner, two medium burners as well as a single triple ring burner which distributes the flame over a larger area, ideal for wok pans. Ignited at the push of a button, the stove top can also be lit using an external source of fire for those times you might experience power outages. Whether you’re serving large groups or a small family, the stove makes use of large flames as well as smaller, economical burns to help you manage your gas usage. For your safety and cleanliness, the unit comes fully equipped with a splash back panel to stop any hot oil from hitting you or your walls. It also utilises a heavy metal grate strong enough to hold large pots and pans. The oven and stove combination work well together and brings a sense of modernity and sophistication to your space, it’s ideal for the new and veteran home owner.

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