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Clear Vision 10 LED Headlight

Make: Clearvision
Model: MX-D101

Specifications: -30 Lumen Output -10 LEDs -Red Light -45 Hour battery life -Flexible, adjustable headband -Modes: 100%, 50%, brightness and strobe -Strobe Battery: 3+ x AAA 1.5V -Battery not included

  • R 49.90 Available Nationally
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Hiking through your local woods or getting lost in the nearest mountains can be a harrowing experience at night, especially if you don’t have the correct gear to tackle nature and all it throws at you. The Clearvision 10 LED headlight is not only durable and comfortable to wear, it’s lightweight, putting as little strain as possible on your head. Its bright Lumen 30- Lumen output is ideal for handsfree adventuring, offering you peace-of-mind in the dead of night. Utilising a battery-operated design, you’ll get up to 45-hours-worth of use, eliminating the burden of having to make provisions to charge it. Its hard-plastic casing and adjustable strap is perfect for those wanting to experience the outdoors in a different light.

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