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PCBOX Backpack

Model: C6001

Specifications: -Suited for notebooks, and tablets -Lined interior with one main compartment -2 zipped front compartments for easy storage -Adjustable shoulder straps -Air-soft padded backing for added comfort

  • R 239.90 Available Nationally
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Make every trip a comfortable one, and ensure you can safely take everything you need with PCBOX’s excellent backpack. Lightweight, secure, and designed to give you comfort and functionality, the backpack is ideal for your work, documents, and smaller laptops. Intelligently designed by PCBOX, the backpack gives you functionality that works, while ensuring that it remains practical and comfortable to carry. The bag features one main compartment with two divided sections. It also has two smaller zipped compartments in the front of the bag. This allows you to have dedicated sections for your books, notes, and technology. Ensure that you have everything you may need for the day with the backpack’s multiple compartments. The backpack’s main compartment features a secure strap to ensure that your notebook or tablet is safe and protected wherever you take it. Travel safe in the knowledge that your device is right where you need it. Designed for the modern traveller, PCBOX have created the backpack to have a sleek, modern finish. This ensures the bag looks stylish while protecting your goods. The rugged backpack is made from high-quality all-weather material to ensure it can handle almost any environment. The rear of the bag has air-soft pockets which give you added comfort whenever you wear the bag. This helps remove strain on your shoulders and adds support. Ensure you have everything you need for the day with PCBOX’s excellent all-weather backpack.

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