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Universal Car Seat Covers

Make: CCW
Model: TY1842

Specifications: -9-piece cover -Protects upholstery from stains, spills and scratches -Easy to install -Machine washable -Includes: 5 headrest covers, 2 front seat covers and 1x back seat cover

  • R 219.90 Available Nationally
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Ensure the safety of your vehicle’s upholstery and interior with these seat covers. Whether it be leather or fabric, these covers will keep your precious seats safe. These universal covers are soft enough to provide you with a comfortable driving experience. They also protect your upholstery against spills, scratches and stains. They’re also easy to install, as they slip over your seats with minimal effort. Ideal for those who frequent the outdoors, and have young children, or for those wanting to cover old and damaged seats, these covers can take the damage and are machine washable.

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