Warrranty Policy

We request you return out of box faulty goods during the first 7 day period which will be replaced, refunded or repaired at our cost subject to the following exclusions. NB: Credits, exchanges or repairs of any item may only be issued if the customer was not aware of the defect at the time of purchase AND once a suitably qualified service centre has confirmed that a malfunction is a result of a pre-existing defect and not due to customer abuse, misuse or lightening damage which invalidates the Warranty. Cash Crusaders retail merchandise is intended and guaranteed for Household/ DIY/ Recreational use only.

Warranty Policy Exclusions

Any physical alteration to goods purchased will invalidate the Warranty, this includes:

  • Changing the power cord or factory fitted plug; and Installation of any additional software and applications loaded or viruses transferred onto personal computers, laptops or mobile devices such as iPods, MP3 players or cellphones voids the Warranty on product.
  • You must follow any instructions for safe and proper use given by the staff member or accompanying the goods.
  • Consumables like bulbs, batteries, guitar strings etc are not guaranteed.
  • Sporting goods are sold in their specific condition and because we cannot test these, cannot be guaranteed. Please inspect these thoroughly before purchasing.
  • If there is a problem with original pre-installed software, CDs, Playstation, X-Box, PSP, DS Lite & Nintendo Wii Games; DVDs; PC Games and Video tapes you must notify us within 48 hours of purchase that you will return it.
  • PC Games are only guaranteed to work on a stand alone PC not Internet networked. New amplifiers and new speakers must be used with appropriately matched speaker pairs only (speak to your salesperson for a complete list of which amplifiers suit which speakers).
  • DVD players must be used to play original disks only. No "read error" Warranty claims will be entertained for user recorded discs.
  • New Car Sound and Vision Equipment is only guaranteed if installed by a qualified VAT registered installation Company.
  • 2nd Hand Petrol motors (lawnmowers; quad bikes; generators; chain saws) must be started up in the store and guaranteed for 48 hours.
  • Please retain your till slip to validate your Warranty