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Did you know?

You can now extend your loan for a further 30 days at the touch of a button.

Pay with Ozow

What is Ozow?

Ozow provides easy, fast and secure payment solutions for everyone. That’s because we believe that payments should be easy.

Pay up your interest and fees on your loan, anywhere, at any time. All you need is a bank account and a smart-enabled device. It’s that simple. We offer up to five extensions, so your 30-day loan against your goods is flexible and affordable for up to six months.

Ozow enables you to extend your loan, without the need to travel to a store.

We’ll send you an SMS with an OZOW payment link 3 days before your loan expires. Click on the link to extend your loan from your mobile phone before its expiry date.


  • When you choose to pay with Ozow, you will be redirected to the Ozow payment flow.
  • Select your bank from the nine options available and log in using your internet banking details.
  • Select an account to pay from.
    NB: This step will be skipped automatically if you only have one bank account linked with this banking profile.
  • Your bank will send you an OTP(One-Time-Pin) or a mobile authentication message to confirm payment.
  • Enter the OTP into the Ozow payment screen return to the Ozow payment to complete payment.



Extend your loan quickly and easily, all banks supported.

(Process may vary slightly from bank to bank).

Receive an SMS and click on the link

Select your bank

Log in using your internet banking profile

Choose account

Authenticate request sent

Accept Payment
(App verifications may vary)

Payment successful

Extend your loan at the touch of a button through our online loans portal!

Extend Your Loan

Why pay with ozow?

  • Extend your loan for an additional 30 days at the touch of a button.
  • Safely make payment from any location – all you need is a bank account and a smart-enabled device.
  • Ozow doesn’t require registration or a credit/debit card.
  • Ozow provides a fast-tracked experience, so you can extend your loan and make payment quickly and efficiently.
  • It’s also a more secure payment experience, due to two-factor authentication.

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