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What it takes to own a franchise

Do you have the following four skills to make a success of your new business?


We require a full time commitment of franchisees to manage their own businesses.

Business savvy

You need financial and business know-how to make a success of your store.


R1 million* in readily available cash, with enough financial back-up to run your business for the first six months.


Embrace our vision and values, take part in national promotions, deliver quality service and empower staff with on-going training.

Franchisee cost requirement

The cost of setting up a typical 250m² Cash Crusaders store is approximately R3 million. Your own contribution would be R1.2 million of unencumbered capital.

We offer R300 000* interest-free start-up assistance and the remaining R1.5 million can be secured through finance.

Terms and conditions apply – enquire now

What your investment secures

You’ll benefit from great relationships we have with prominent landlords in the retail property market; we’ll work closely with you to evaluate all potential sites to find the best possible location for a store. A feasibility study will be conducted and our specialist team will assist in negotiating the most favourable lease terms.

Your investment secures the expertise of our Projects department, ensuring sufficient planning for your business to grow. We’ll assist from store design stage through to final completion and handover of the store for trade, and provide continuous support thereafter to help you every step of the way to success.

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