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Lockande Clothing Rack

Lockande Clothing Rack

Lockande Clothing Rack - 1539930606
Lockande Clothing Rack - 1539930610
Lockande Clothing Rack - 1539930603

Make: Lockande

Model: LYJ64401

Specifications: -Durable railing -Sturdy shelving -Steel, plastic and oak finish -(L)640mm (W)400mm (H)1500mm

R 359.90*

This product is available nationwide

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The double shelved rail and garment rack offers you added clothing storage. It requires little to no effort to assemble and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Made from lightweight tubed-metal and durable plastic, the rack is easy to move or set up. With the addition of gripping plastic feet, it also allows the entire unit to be stable when packing things away. Its size is ideal for smaller homes and flats as it doesn’t need much space to assemble or store. It’s also an excellent addition for those wanting extra storage in their home. Once assembled, the unit provides ample room and stability for your boxes, bags and any other items. The durable hanging rack holds your shirts, jackets and coats. While most racks can be tall, this one is 1.5m so you can reach the railing and shelving with little effort. Made from durable, quality materials and incorporating a user-friendly design, this rack offers you the extra space you’ve always needed.