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DIXON 10” Compact Powered Subwoofer

Model: PYUASW10

Specifications: -10” subwoofer with slim design -High-current MOSFET power supply -High, and low-level inputs for increased voltage -Output power: 100W RMS -Impedance: 4Ohms -Total harmonic distortion: <0.8% -Signal-to-noise ratio: >90dB -Adjustable bass boost level and frequency: Bass boost: 0dB – 12dB -Frequency response: 20Hz-150Hz -Low pass crossover: 50Hz-150Hz -Phase switch: 0° -180° -Thermal protection -Remote control

  • R 1099.90 Available Nationally
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Add to your vehicle’s sound potential with the DIXON 10" compact subwoofer as it's designed to deliver clean and powerful bass. DIXON’s compact subwoofer combines both high, and low-level inputs to increase the voltage. This provides a cleaner, richer sound. Its adjustable bass boost allows you to add to the kick of the audio. This allows your bass to have a subtle rhythm, or a massive sound, depending on what you want. With this freedom of variety, you’re able to experience the full force of the subwoofer bass, or sustain softer sounds with a delicate bass delivery. Encased in a tough durable casing, the subwoofer is compact and easily mountable to a variety of surfaces. It also comes with an independent remote control so you can change your levels on the fly without interrupting your entire audio setup.

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