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DIXON 15” Portable Party Speaker – with integrated wheels

Model: F-15L

Specifications: -Woofer: 15" -Tweeter: 3" -Integrated wheels and carry handles -Built-in rechargeable battery -Bluetooth capabilities -Inputs: USB and SD card input, and Auxiliary line in -RMS Power: 60W -RMS Max: 120W -FM Radio tuner -Automatic channels -MIC input: MIC priority

  • R 2399.90 Available Nationally
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Add exceptional audio to your festive occasions, and liven up the party with this powerful DIXON portable party speaker. Robust, lightweight and capable of producing incredible audio, this DIXON speaker is perfect for any audiophile. Designed to deliver audio that is authentic and natural, DIXON have created this portable party speaker to play you audio the way it was meant to be heard. Its powerful 15" Woofer and 3" Tweeter work together to produce audio quality that goes beyond the speaker’s compact size. The Woofer gives you low frequencies and bass notes that resound across a room, and delivers pulse pounding bass. The Tweeter gives you crystalline high range frequencies with minimal distortion so that you can appreciate all the details of your audio. Its clear, crisp audio allows you to experience the full range of sound and easily turn up the volume on your favourite tracks. Built for the good times, the DIXON portable party speaker comes with integrated carry handles and wheels so that the speaker can easily and effortlessly be moved. Its convenient wheels allow the speaker to be manoeuvred without difficulty and it can be placed wherever you need the sound to be. It also features a long lasting rechargeable battery. This means that you can continue the party experience even when the speaker is unplugged. Never be left without sound if there is no plug point. Play all your favourite tracks with ease through the DIXON speaker’s multiple input methods. It features an Auxiliary line in, and a USB and SD card port. These allow you to effortlessly plug in and play your new setlist, or have others join the party and play their favourite music. The portable party speaker also lets you control the mood of the party from anywhere in the room with its Bluetooth function. Wirelessly connect to the speaker to stream your favourite music. Always have the option of playing your music with the speaker’s various input sources. Built to go where the party is, the DIXON portable party speaker is made from high-quality materials to ensure that it is robust and strong enough to withstand its powerful sound output. Its durable and sophisticated build will allow you to comfortably take the speaker with you, and allow it to seamlessly fit into almost any party atmosphere.

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